About lake Ivösjön

Ivösjön is with its 54 km2 and average depth of 11 m Skåne's largest lake. Ivösjön is also one of Sweden's most diverse fishing lakes with 25-30 different fish species. Here you can fish from pike to salmon.

B�tar p� iv�sj�n

About the pike - one of our most popular fish

In order to fish for pike required techniques to find pike, when we found the pike in a place looking then in similar locations. If the first pike is found in the southwest bay continues even to the next south-west bay. Pike runs deep, the deep drop-offs and reefs. In the evening and early morning creep further into the bays and the top of the founder water. In the pike fishing is good with little wind.

Båtar på ivösjön

Bait - may well be smaller fish like roach. In shallow reed bays should the bait kept at the bottom.

Fishing license

Fishing licenses you buy here

Fishing rules

On the website of the Ivösjön Fishery Association, you will find current fisheries legislation. Find the rules in english here

Båtar på ivösjön